San Diegans, Rejoice! Ron Burgundy is Back!

29 Mar

Adorably Caffeinated

Since the epic announcement on Conan last night by the master of the jazz flute himself, Ron Burgundy has been causing quite a stir in my universe. First of all, a surprisingly large number of my friends/co-workers/acquaintances have never seen Anchorman. I don’t understand how this is possible. I know that Will Ferrell movies tend to be “all alike” and he always plays “the same character” but I tell ya, there’s something about those velvet suits and the 70’s porn mustache that cracks my shit. If you’re only going to watch one Will Ferrell movie, let it be Anchorman.

Good grief I hope they don’t royally screw this up like they did with the Hangover 2… That movie was just bad. I understand they were under a lot of pressure both time and content-wise, but man. I would rather have paid $11 to watch the first one again. Sequels are by…

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